A plug’n’play turnkey system based on proven components which makes sustainable cultivated meat production accessible

plug and play system

Plug’n’play system

The goal is to make growing cultured meat as accessible as possible without compromising on food safety and quality. We provide a truly plug’n’play system where the delicate work of managing the growth process is fully automated and a clever cartridge system ensures a clean growth environment. Operation is as easy as placing the cartridges in the device and pressing a button.

In addition, all growth hardware is permanently monitored. By utilizing predictive maintenance and AI-based sensor analysis we can detect if something is about to break or go wrong before it actually does. More uptime, more productivity, less hazzle for everyone involved!

sustainable & eco-friendly

Sustainable & Eco-friendly

The cartridges can be cleaned and re-used and by utilizing extremely efficient Peltier technology we can heat and cool the growth pods with a minimal amount of energy. One of our pods uses roughly 120W of electrical power to keep the cells happy and multiplying. To put this into comparison, a notebook computer can draw up to 200W of power.

Most farmers utilize renewable energies like wind, solar, or biogas. Our system can be run 100% on renewable energy which makes the environmental impact even less.

proven technologies

Proven technologies

Instead of reinventing the wheel over and over again, we invent where it counts. While our cartridge system was specifically designed by us to solve the problem of contamination and food safety for many other components we look at what is available from a best-in-class perspective.

Our growth pods are based on proven technology by our partner Memmert. The Peltier technology utilizes no moving parts (except for fans) and as such is not only efficient but reliable and built to last. Shipping containers provide a sturdy shell for an all-in-one solution that can withstand the elements and can be easily relocated.

customizable & mobile

Customizable & Mobile

With our container-based approach it is not only a breeze to transport and relocated a whole system at once but it also offers several options for customization. Do you want additional space? A water purifier? Refrigerated storage? A different paint job so the system totally blends in on your farm? We got you covered!