A dedicated team of professionals with proven track record in biotech & science, finance, M&A, engineering, venture creation, and agriculture

The team

Lars Krüger
Co-Founder and Managing Director

Lars' task is to devise the company's strategy and put it into practice

Lars' passion lies in turning ideas into reality, building technology companies from the ground up. He has a remarkable track record of transforming mere concepts into groundbreaking, technology-driven businesses. With over 5 years of experience in strategy and top management consulting, he brings a wealth of knowledge in creating innovative business and product strategies.

He honed his expertise at the University of Oxford / SAID Business School and holds a double degree MBA from HHL and EADA. His educational journey started at graduating in industrial engineering and management.

Dr. Alexander Heuer
Co-Founder and Managing Director

Alex is responsible for technology, customer (farmer) & product strategies and their execution

Before founding MEATOSYS together with his colleague Lars he was a Senior Project Manager at the top tier strategy consulting company Roland Berger where he was responsible for well over 40 high-tech-related strategy and M&A projects, leveraging his in-depth expertise from semiconductors to quantum computing. Before joining Roland Berger he spent a decade first as a software developer, second as a freelance advisor, coaching SMEs in their digitalization efforts in the early to late 2000s, third as a researcher and vice group leader at the Institute of Laser Physics in Hamburg.

He holds a PhD in laser physics from the University of Hamburg and has firsthand experience in designing and building fully automated high-tech production systems.

Ignatz Schatz
Co-Founder and Head of Operations and Consumers

Ignatz takes care of company operations and our meat customers

Ignatz has extensive operational experience in high-velocity environments, from running a platoon of marines in mission to leading SAP startup engagement teams to co-founding 3 startup experiments up to the MVP level before joining MEATOSYS. He was a startup coach in several accelerator programs and has degrees in Information Systems, MBA and Design Thinking.

Dr. Simon Heine
Head of Biotechnology

Simon is guiding the company's science into technology

With his keen expertise, Simon guides the scientific evolution of Meatosys, crafting our proprietary technology from its theoretical foundations. With a comprehensive background encompassing both theoretical knowledge and hands-on experience, Simon has mastered various cell culture systems – from small to large scale – pivotal for cultured meat production.

At Reutlingen University, he takes charge as a project leader for multiple cultured meat initiatives. Through these projects, he has gained profound insights into the technological barriers obstructing the cultured meat industry's path to market viability. Simon's academic journey includes a deep dive into pharmaceutical biotechnology, culminating in a PhD that focused on unraveling the complexities of cancer cells at the University of Stuttgart.

Thomas Asmussen
Agriculture Advisor

Thomas makes sure our offering fits the farmers' needs and provides his animals' stem cells

Thomas and his family run a hog operation in Schleswig-Holstein (Germany) with an annual output of roughly 5,000 piglets per year. Innovation is a big part of Thomas' business which is evident from his track record such as redesigning the feed mix as well as living conditions for his pigs which enabled his animals to keep their wiggly tails!

Thomas has years of experience not just as a farmer and businessman but also in participating in R&D programs and incorporating new technologies into the age-old practice of farming.

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