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turnkey business

Turnkey business

Developing MEATOSYS, we quickly realized that our technology can either disrupt or aid the traditional way to grow high quality meat. We chose a model that supports farmers, as we strongly believe in synergies that we can unlock together.

Discover a ground-breaking opportunity for a thriving farm business with a turnkey solution. Our easy-to-use hardware enables you to produce cultured meat in addition to your current business. We provide essential consumables, including stem cells from your own livestock, and ensure efficient operations through remote control and automation of your MEATOSYS growth pods. This way, every batch of cultured meat produced at your farm, meets the criteria for taste, texture, and safety, giving you peace of mind and customer satisfaction. After a growth cycle is completed, we buy your meat and ensure a reliable market.

In addition, we strongly believe that our success is your success. Therefore, we developed a profit sharing program, which rewards you in the end of a successful business year. Furthermore, we invite you as our valued partner to co-create innovative meat products and shape the growing demand for sustainable meat with animal welfare in mind. Embrace the cultivated meat revolution for sustainable farming, increased profits, and innovation.

MEATOSYS Life of a farmer

A day in the new MEATOSYS Life of a farmer

Imagine a typical day in your life, after you have equipped your farm with MEATOSYS cultured meat production technology. Let's take a glimpse into this transformative journey:

Step 1:

Right after birth, collect animal umbilical cords and prepare them using the provided kit for shipment to the laboratory.

Step 2:

Receive pre-packaged cartridges containing stem cells and culture media from our trusted logistics partner.

Step 3:

Place the cartridges into specialized growthpods that create a controlled environment for stem cells to grow into high-quality meat tissue.

Step 4:

Wait for approximately 21 days for the growth cycle to complete while an automated remote system ensures a smooth process.

Step 5:

Upon completion the grown meat is cooled down automatically and awaits pick up from our logistics partner.

Step 6:

We guarantee a profitable purchase of your cultured meat as a reward for your efforts, contributing to sustainability and high quality food production.

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