How MEATOSYS Meat Can Save the Planet and Support Local Farmers

ethical & clean

Ethical & Clean

MEATOSYS is a new way to produce meat without harming animals, the environment or human health. Unlike conventional meat, our technology does not require the killing of animals and since our growth environment is completely sterile we do not need medication like antibiotics. It also reduces greenhouse gas emissions and the risk of zoonotic diseases. Unlike other cultured meat alternatives, it doesn't rely on painful procedures or genetic modification to source stem cells, and it doesn't displace but empowers our local farmers to transform their businesses, stay competitive, feed their families, and feed us.

regional & sustainable

Regional & Sustainable

MEATOSYS is regional and sustainable by design, as we support local farmers to produce in small-scale local facilities. Our meat can be customised to meet different consumer preferences and nutritional needs. Because our production result is similar to minced meat, we can reduce harmful and wasteful processes such as animal transport, slaughter or processing, and go straight to the production of processed meat products such as cold cuts or burger patties. This saves resources while giving you the satisfaction of enjoying a local and sustainable product.

We work hard to become the first organic cultivated meat producer and the future of this industry by offering a delicious, nutritious and compassionate way to enjoy animal protein.

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